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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy tickets online or on site?

That’s your call, if you buy tickets online we will save tubes for you. If you show up on site when we are full, we will have to put you on the waiting list. Online and on site tickets are the same price, there is no fee when booking online.

A limited amount of tubes are saved for online bookings. If we are full online, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are also full on site.

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Why can’t I have the family discount when booking online?

We offer online coupons (visit our facebook page to find one), and we also offer discounts on site. For instance, the family discount is only available on site.

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When do you close for the season?

We never know. If we have enough snow we can open until early April. Usually mid-March though

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I need to change my online reservation

Sure. Please send us an email (24h before at the latest) through our online form. We will be happy to change your booking at no cost.

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If I didn’t book online, should I expect to wait?

During weekends and especially holidays, if you didn’t book online you will probably wait, We always keep tubes for walk-ins, but in case we are full we will put you on a waiting list.

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When do I need to show up?

For online booking you need to show up 15min before time slot you booked. If you have no reservation then you can show up anytime you want.

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Is there a weight limit?

No there is no weight limit.

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Do you allow lap riding?

We don’t allow parents to ride with their kids. Our first priority is your safety and in case you roll over this could be very dangerous.

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What is the minimum age to ride?

The height requirement is 42”

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