Our prices include lift ticket and tube rental.

For groups of 20+ or private parties please read our discounts information or contact us using the online form.

Holidays and weekends are busy, call ahead.

Online booking available. Tubes on site will be sold on a first come first served basis. 

Our school, American One English Schools, with many of our students and their families went snow tubing at Wasatch Parc. All the employees were so accommodating, and they went out of their way to help us! The management is superb and patient. We had a fantastic time!

Jojo_boh • 01-2019
Fun 2 hours with my kiddos. Staff are friendly and helpful. And great value compared to some other tube hills we’ve visited. Was able to make 20+ runs is just under two hours.
Brian Kish • 12-29-2017

Wasatch Parc is sooo fun! There weren’t very big lines and the lanes go pretty fast, with a couple little jumps along the way! The owners are from France and are very kind and fun to talk to.

Courtney Clawson Workman • 01-13-2018

The crew ran the operation pretty smoothly considering how many people were there and having to maintain the tubing lanes. Lanes were fast and fun. I’m 45 and my boys are 9 and 12, we all had a great time. Third year in a row we have gone to this location!

Tom B • 02-2019

What a great time snow tubing. Great setup, super friendly staff!!! Had a blast will be returning!!!!

Tammy Scott Kephart • 12-30-2017


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